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I am an undergo undergraduate student from IPB University majoring in Marine Science and Technology (MST). I conduct my final project about the use of metabarcoding eDNA for searching biogeography and relative abundance of endemic spesies walking shark Halmahera. I have strong interest in conservation, specifically in Elasmobranch conservation for shark and manta rays. I am planning to pursue a higher learning in conservation and hoping to develop and manage my own shark conservation project in the future. My biggest ambition is to become marine biologist who is capable of combining both science and social approach to protect Elasmobranch spesies in Indonesia.

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Reef manta

The reef manta ray (Manta alfredi) is a species of ray in the family Mobulidae, the largest rays in the world. Among generally recognized species, it is the second-largest species of ray, only surpassed by the giant oceanic manta ray

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Bleaching occurs when corals expel their symbiotic zooxanthellae - pigmented, algae-like protozoa that live within the coral's cells. High temperature, pollution or other stresses can cause the coral to expel its zooxanthellae, leading to a lighter or complete loss of color.

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