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Eureka Amadea

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University of Indonesia

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Mantas play a very important role in our oceans, be it ecological, economical, and cultural. They're one of the keys to our future, yet they're at risk of extinction. I believe raising awareness is the key to a sustainable conservation. By becoming a Manta Ambassador, I can be further involved in marine conservation and take a step closer to my dream to be a marine biologist. I wish to be able to push more people toward sustainable conservation after I graduated from the program. I want to spread love for Mantas and the Underwater World! Cheerful, determined, creative, quick-learner, easily adapting and boundless energy are my strong points. I have strong passion in marine science and conservation that won't lose to anyone. If you think I've got what it takes, please support me by liking my video at ; thank you for watching, and good day to you. Cheers! #SaveManta #SaveOurOcean #SeeYouUnderwater