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Wedi Andika

My university:

Bogor Agricultural University

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About me:

Hello Buddies I am a student of marine science and technology in bogor agricultural university. I also registered as a member of fisheries diving club. I have study about diving and coral reef ecological monitoring as a reef fish observer in FDC. I have participated in coral reef ecosystem monitoring program of fdc in pramuka island from 2014 until 2016. I also have experienced in several conservation activities such as coral transplantation and mangrove rehabilitation in Popole Island, Banten collaborated with LOKA PSPL Serang. But now, I am doing a research about oceanography condition on whale shark habitat in probolinggo, east java. Manta Rays are friendly animals against human and other marine species, however their existence are threatened. There is a rumour which said manta’s gills very useful for cosmetic, causing manta rays hunt still occurs frequently. Therefore, I am interested to study about manta rays conservation. So I want to join Mantawatch Intern ship Program 2017. I hope with my experience I can persuade others indonesian people to realize about this crucial problems and concern about manta rays protection. I believe, I can help mantawatch internship program that sponsored by Guy’s trust to create and become marine future Leader.